Content Spaces for Content Teams

Content can spend up to 10 times longer in review than it takes to be created. Now you have a choice. CS Workflow helps you create great content with faster turnarounds by bringing teams together around content.

What is CS Workflow?

An online content review and approval service aimed at bringing teams together in a content space

Manages the review process

Low touch publishing allows you to save time by keeping your content moving through the review process.

Educates reviewers and approvers

Reduce review iterations by providing clear expectations of reviewers.

Tracks reviews and approvals

Prove team accountability and compliance with governance requirements for content approvals.

Central source of content and feedback

Save time collating your feedback. Create new content faster with access to your past work.

Why does CS Workflow exist?

CS Workflow exists because everyone hates content reviews. In spite of progress with publishing and collaboration tools, the review process is one of the worst parts of working with content.

Ben and Vicky, the founders of CS Workflow, have content backgrounds in publishing, marketing and strategy. Their experience with slow, difficult content reviews caused by miscommunication and misunderstandings, drove them to create a solution. They'd seen reviewers, approvers, and even content producers, become disengaged with the process.

CS Workflow is a direct response to these experiences. The CS Workflow solution brings teams together, while making the process easy, trackable and accountable. The whole team - content creators, editors, reviewers, and approvers - are part of the content workflow from initiation to go live.

There's no more us versus them, there's only Team Content!

Who is CS Workflow for?

CS Workflow is suited to anyone working with content that needs to be reviewed and approved before it goes live. This includes copywriters, bloggers, content creators, business owners, editors and content managers.

Whatever your role in the content review process, everyone agrees that great content means better results for the business. CS Workflow benefits the whole team, helping them to produce great content.

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Benefits for content creators

  • Less time spent managing the review process
  • More time to spend on creating content
  • Feedback organised making editing easy
  • Easy access to past content in a central location

Benefits for content managers

  • Increased results from content due to fewer delays
  • Less time spent managing the review process
  • Less risk of unapproved content going live
  • More accountability of team members with activity visible

The founders

Vicky headshot

Vicky Claringbull

  • Content strategy
  • Publishing
  • Editing
Ben headshot

Ben Chadfield

  • Development
  • User experience
  • Marketing

CS Workflow vs Email

Almost all of us use email to send content for review and approval. A shared folder system is often used for storing content in document form. This is easy and cheap, but comes with a lot of problems and risks.

Email does not have any workflow, approval support or version control. These are vital to ensuring reviews and publishing risks are properly managed. CS Workflow has these features at its core, making it the best tool for your content review process.

CS Workflow Email
Focus Content reviews and approvals Communication
Content feedback Yes Yes
Content approval Yes Yes
Activity tracking Yes No
Comment management Yes No
Content editing Yes No
Workflow coordination Yes No
Version control Yes No

The risks of using email to manage your content reviews are not worth it. Don't risk missing vital feedback or publishing the wrong version.

You have a choice. Sign up for CS Workflow.