Own your content workflow

Are your content reviews and approvals as easy as they should be? CS Workflow gives you the tools and guidance to bring your team together around creating great content.

Workflow steps made easy





Create your content

Write content with your chosen tool and upload to CS Workflow. Or use our editor, which supports HTML or formatted rich text, to draft your content. Include your own media like images and video.

Send for review

Providing feedback is easier and quicker for your reviewers. Their feedback is collated as a set of todos for the editor to check off as they are completed. Content can be previewed so reviewers can see what it will look like when it’s live.

Get your content approved

Approvers can see who was involved and what they did to get the content ready for their approval. Approvals are tracked so you can make sure you're publishing the approved and correct content.

Publish your content

The final step is to publish your content. You can publish directly to our supported platforms, like Wordpress and Twitter. You can export in a range of formats or simply copy and paste to where you want to publish.

Better than email by design

Almost all of us use email to send content for review and approval. A shared folder system is often used for storing content in document form. This is easy and cheap, but comes with a lot of problems and risks.

Email does not have any workflow, approval support or version control. These are vital to ensuring reviews and publishing risks are properly managed. CS Workflow has these features at its core, making it the best tool for your content review process.

CS Workflow Email
Focus Content reviews and approvals Communication
Content feedback Yes Yes
Content approval Yes Yes
Activity tracking Yes No
Comment management Yes No
Content editing Yes No
Workflow coordination Yes No
Version control Yes No

For content people by content people

CS Workflow is suited to anyone working with content that needs to be reviewed and approved before it goes live. This includes copywriters, bloggers, content creators, business owners, editors and content managers.

Whatever your role in the content review process, everyone agrees that great content means better results for the business. CS Workflow benefits the whole team, helping them to produce great content.

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For content creators

  • Less time spent managing the review process
  • More time to spend on creating content
  • Feedback organised making editing easy
  • Easy access to past content in a central location

For content managers

  • Increased results from content due to fewer delays
  • Less time spent managing the review process
  • Less risk of unapproved content going live
  • More accountability of team members with activity visible

The founders

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Vicky Claringbull

  • Content strategy
  • Publishing
  • Editing
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Ben Chadfield

  • Development
  • User experience
  • Marketing

Try CS Workflow for yourself

Get started with CS Workflow by registering your name and email. This will get you an invite (usually in an hour or two) to the beta, which is only open for a couple more weeks.